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Aparthotels in the center of Madrid

Have the best company round you.

Our team

The team at Mola! Suites is made up of eager and enthusiastic people who also transmit this. Our main objective is to convert each stay into an unequalled experience, and each night you spend with us into a wonderful dream. Our staff is young and dynamic, and its members know that our guests look for personalized care and impeccable attention. All of us working in Mola ! Suites would like our customers to be completely satisfied and to have an unforgettable stay.

Our principles

We know that Aparthotels require staff that can understand the needs of demanding clients seeking the best treatment, so that their stay is as good as expected.

We know that cleanliness and hygiene are very important and this is one of our priorities.

We want our clients to feel at home and we have given great attention to detail to make this possible.

All our suites are completely equipped and adapted for the maximum number of guests allowed.

We can claim to be one of the most elegant centers in Madrid with luxury installations.

Mola! Suites is situated in a historical building that has been completely renovated using the latest design trends.

All the members of our team have been trained to meet any need that may arise during a person’s stay.

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Details, big and small

At Mola! Suites we like giving attention to detail, because we know that it is precisely this that our clients find comforting. Very few aparthotels in the center of Madrid can boast such wonderful suites.

Available for your needs

Our team has international and multilingual training. Everyone on the team knows how vulnerable we can feel away from home. And because of this we are always at our clients’ disposal.

Service with a smile

All the members of Mola! Suites know that often a smile is as important as a piece of good advice. We are also conscious that when people are a long way from home a small requirement can become a large obstacle, and it can even spoil a holiday.